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Company truck drivers, also called house drivers, have a lot of benefits in the trucking business. There are many reasons someone would want to work as one, and it’s important to know the pros and cons before you decide to become a company driver or owner-operator. It’s best to get all the information needed before making that decision.

Both owner-operators and company drivers have their own benefits, for the latter, we can highlight the following points as the main advantages:

  • Truck Ownership
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Fuel Payment
  • Loads and Booking
  • Free time
One of our company trucks entering our Medley yard

Of course, company driving isn’t all perfect. You have to follow the rules to keep your license and insurance in good standing, also, there are some limitations compared to an owner-operator. But if you love the road and meeting new places, then becoming a company driver is a great idea!

Truck Ownership

One of the main advantages of operating as a house driver is being able to work when you only have your CDL-A, no need to buy or lease a truck to get OTR. This also allows you to change career paths if you discover that truck driving isn’t for you. At Flagship, we have many house trucks available for drivers who want to enter the trucking industry.

Truck Maintenance & Repairs

Our truck repair center at our yard in Medley, FL

As truck carriers, companies are responsible for the optimal condition of the truck. This means that they must keep the vehicle in good shape taking into account that it’s a crucial tool for the freight-moving process.

When driving a company truck, the carrier must make sure that it is in top condition to guarantee that the load – and you, as the driver – can move safely during transit.

Fuel Payment

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One of the main expenses that an owner-operator must consider while working, is the fuel necessary to take the load where it needs to be. This factor is crucial, even if it’s just taking the load to another city intrastate or moving it across the US. When working as a house driver, the fuel spent doesn’t affect your paycheck.

Loads and Booking

One of our dispatchers booking loads

As a company driver, you don’t have to worry about doing all the administrative (booking loads, asking for detentions, etc). Your carrier ensures you have loads because you are using one of their trucks to produce money. Even though here at Flagship, we offer the dispatch and assistance service to our owner-operators too, many companies don’t do it. This support is also not available if you work as an independent contractor.

Free Time

Two White Trucks at Flagship Transport yard
We offer truck and car parking at our Medley yard

Taking free time off the road is essential for a driver’s mental health, as spending excessive time inside the truck, and away from family can be detrimental. When you drive back to the yard and leave the vehicle parked there, you don’t have to worry about doing anything that concerns repair, maintenance, and documents for the truck. You can use your free time however you need it.

The main perks of being a company driver are the ease of starting with not much investment, spending your free time away from work, and not having to pay for gas expenses or any truck maintenance payments. At Flagship Transport, house drivers also have benefits such as free car parking, 24/7 assistance, and many more. If you’ve been looking for a job that lets you drive for work and has some great benefits, being a company driver could be the job for you!

At Flagship Transport, we are constantly having openings for house drivers, you can contact our recruitment team through Whatsapp or by calling +1 (786)206-8056 during office hours from Monday to Friday.


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