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Flagship Transport is a premier transport logistics company operating in the United States focused on high-quality services and extraordinary customer support.

Whether your shipment is local or interstate in nature, you can count on us for quality and efficiency. We are the union of 4 companies that are committed to offering unmatched customer service and servicing all your transportation needs. Our specialists will assist you in every step of the load and provide you with the service that you deserve.

Partial Map of Colombia, South America.
Barranquilla, Colombia
Partial Map of Florida, USA.
Medley, Florida | 12301 NW 112 Ave Medley, FL 33178 suite 106
Lakeland, Florida | 1516 N Combee Rd Lakeland, FL 33801

We currently have two locations in Florida, one in Medley and one in Lakeland. We also have a back-office team in Barranquilla, Colombia to ensure that our service is top-tier.

Working with a reliable partner like Flagship Transport will allow you to stay on track with your business goals. We can take care of all your transport logistics needs, even the most challenging ones.


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